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Our memorial

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Madalyn's Walk & Car Show

Our babies in our hearts...We are joined in the fact that we laugh together,cry together and most of all share our memories together . Sorry to find your child's name on this memorial but know that you did your best and nothing you did had anything to do with how it turned out. You did all you can do loved them every day they where here and you still love them as they are in your heart. Thanks for taking the time to read this and adding your child or if you haven't lost a child take  a few minutes to love a child rather it be yours or someone else's. You never know when they will be called home. Thanks again for your time and hope.

Our Memorial Wall (my computer crashed,so if a baby info is missing please resend it to me and i'll redo it)


                Madalyn Clare Lively
September 23 2004-Febuary 3 2005
4 months and 10 days of love on earth and forever . To be so small, she meant so much. Love you always Minnie Mouse...Love Momma,Daddy O, KK and Sissy.



 Joseph Todd Nance 7-6-05 (on our beach vacation!) - 10-18-05.  3 1/2 glorious months!! Joseph was & still is the light of our lives.  He is our only child.  We are working on giving him little brothers and sisters. 
Stefanie & Tommy Nance



Name: Kaitlynn Carol Anderson
DOB: Nov.18,2004
Passed Away: March 10, 2005



Payton Dale Scarbrough-Johnson  (Pete)
His Daddy, Tony Johnson really didn't like the name Payton, so he nick named him Pete. He still calls him that.


Kaiden Gage Lamey
May 20 ,08- Aug 10, 08
Always in my heart.



My sons name is Roy Cody Stapp V his birthday is December 17, 2007 and his angel day is May 19, 2008. My name is Kendra Stapp and my husbands is Roy Stapp IV our nickname for him is Boogers, cuz he always had boogers and would never let me get them out. He was the best thing that ever happen to me and I will always love him.

Madalyn's Walk and Car Show for SIDS research.  for information