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2006 May show

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Madalyn's Walk & Car Show


I have recieved a few photos from CCR David and the "princess" Brianna's mom. If any one else has more, PLEASe let me know since my camera seems to have got misplaced at the show and I have no photos except the egg toss...



Crowed of 70+ cars!



Egg winners...Lateef and partner (I have no name for him! HELP) And egg losers! Jamey with egg on his head thanks to Ryan...



The "princess" Brianna handing out trophies..

and getting a trophy!



Welch truck...took best truck
Red Van took top ten and best paint!


Maria with her Civic SI
Best Presentation~ GREAT JOB GIRLIE!



THANKS GEICO for the geeko and the trophies!


Daughter giving her mom Erika her top 10 trophy for her Scion XA


Club Games:Scavenger hunt:
The club will be ask to get 12 questions to answer that will link them to the items that need to be found. The items can come from anywhere. The first club  to do it will get a gift the whole club can use.
CCR WON THIS, Donated the kit to  Team Yaku
Pair Game: Egg Toss (thanks Chris for the idea)
Toss a egg back and forth..last pair that still has a egg will get a gift.
Lateef and his partner won this (i'll fix spelling in a minute,I got to find egg toss paper)
Hottie PAY off
BABY KEIRA WON her first trophy!!!!!



*BEST OF SHOW: COREY Hybrid Velocity Civic
*Ugly car:Joey S-10 CCR
*Presentation: Maria Civic SI
*Under Construction: Jerome Probe
*Spectators pick: Picnic 240 driven by David CCR
*Madalyn's Chick pick: DM aka skyline driven by Tripper
*Best Engine: Annie driven by Cindy CCR
*Best Classic: Mike with 72 OLDS
*Best paint: Red's Van EKS
*Best sound: Mike Cobb yaku
*Best truck: Welch EKS
*Best Van: Red  EKS
TOP 10:
1.Erika :Scion xA
2.Brad: Probe Yaku
3.Lester: VW Bettle Dub-Society
4.Eugene: 1996 Honda Civic- Hybrid Velocity
5.Ty: 01 Neon Yaku 
6.Thunder: 1999 Miata CCR driver Mr. Cook
7.Jason: Blazer Freaks of Nature
8. Jeff: 94 toyota truck
9.Tony: Lexus GS 300 Team GOdspeed
10.Juan: Jetta 2000 Euro h-o-h  


Corey Best of show and Brianna



Annie the Miata engine..took best engine 
Cindy and David showing some LOVE  
Best engine and spectators pick winners


The group shot looking at a car doing SPL

Madalyn's Walk and Car Show for SIDS research.  for information